Female Mass Shooter at Nashville Christian School Reportedly Identified.

5 Things to Know About the Female Mass Shooter Identified at a Nashville Christian School
Audrey Elizabeth Hale (Twitter)

A female mass shooter has been identified at a Nashville Christian school, according to recent reports. The shooter, who has not yet been named, reportedly entered the school on Monday morning and opened fire, injuring several individuals before ultimately taking her own life.

Here are five things to know about this shocking incident:

  1. The shooter has been identified as a former student at the school.

According to law enforcement officials, the female shooter was a former student at the Nashville Christian School. However, her exact motive for the shooting remains unclear at this time.

  1. Several people were injured in the shooting.

Multiple individuals were injured in the shooting, including students and faculty members. Although the exact number of victims has not yet been confirmed, reports suggest that at least six people were injured in the attack.

  1. The school has released a statement regarding the shooting.

In the wake of the shooting, the Nashville Christian School released a statement expressing its condolences to the victims and their families. The school also indicated that it is working closely with law enforcement officials to investigate the incident.

  1. The incident has sparked renewed calls for gun control.

The Nashville shooting has once again raised concerns about gun violence in the United States. In the wake of the incident, many advocates are calling for stricter gun control measures to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

  1. The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

The investigation into the Nashville Christian School shooting is still ongoing, and law enforcement officials have yet to release further details about the incident or the shooter’s motive.

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