About Us

In this fast growing century, most folks just want to have a quick read of what’s going on and make ample time for their businesses.

That’s what the Esbec Group news portal offers; a quick summary-curated post of news no matter where it is happening. Authors are encouraged to write their articles and post if they so desire. Alternatively authors can submit their articles.

If it’s newsworthy, just register and submit the link yourself. That simple! Our aim is to make the group more meaningful by sharing great content the world is talking about so as to understand our environment better, useful in an entertaining, learning, and engaging manner.

At Esbec Group, we believe that staying up to date with the latest news is important. That’s why we offer a curated selection of the latest news from around the world, with summaries written in an easy-to-read format.

Our dedicated team of authors is always looking for the best stories to share, and anyone can submit their own articles or links to newsworthy stories. We are committed to creating a meaningful experience for our readers, with content that is both entertaining and educational.