Apple Music Replay 2023 has Arrived: Discover its Location, Chart-Topping Artists, and Additional Insights

Apple Music Replay 2023 has Arrived

Apple Music Replay's new Highlights feature can be accessed by going to the Apple Music Replay website.

On November 28, a noteworthy date prior to the release of its rival Spotify’s annual feature, Apple Music Replay made its official debut. In a manner akin to Spotify Wrapped for its user base, Apple Music Replay aggregates the listening statistics of its users for the year.

This includes most-played tracks, preferred artists, frequently listened albums, and the cumulative minutes of music enjoyed.

One distinguishing aspect of Apple Music Replay is its integration as a persistent attribute within the Apple Music application, continuously updating on a weekly basis throughout the year.

Yet, today signifies the commencement of the more tailored Highlights summary, which provides users with the option to share their musical journey on social platforms by utilizing the share function located at the bottom-right corner within the app.

Here is what you should be aware of when it comes to Apple Music Replay 2023.

Securing Your Apple Music Replay 2023

To access the new Highlights feature of Apple Music Replay, visit the dedicated website via on your device.

Here, a Highlight Reel awaits, offering a retrospective on your 2023 Apple Music listening habits. Echoing the format of Spotify Wrapped, the summary showcases your listening duration, most played genre, top artist, leading album, and favorite song of the year.

Apple Music enthusiasts have the opportunity to engage with the Replay ’23 playlist within the app all year round. To do this, navigate to the Listen Now tab, proceed to the Replay section, tap on the Replay ’23 playlist, and then hit the plus icon situated in the upper right corner.

Subsequent to this, users can revisit their Replay ’23 playlist any time throughout the year by exploring the Playlists section in their library.

The Inception of Apple Music Replay

Apple Music announced its iteration of Spotify’s year-end campaign, dubbed Apple Music Replay, on November 29 of the previous year.

This feature encompasses a vast array of listening data similar to that of Spotify’s, tracking users’ top tracks, albums, artists, and genres over the course of the year.

Identifying Top Performers on Apple Music Replay Charts

Beyond crafting personalized year-end summaries for its users, Apple Music Replay also compiles global charts representing the year’s most successful song, album, and artist across both Apple Music and Shazam.

Taylor Swift has been proclaimed as Apple Music’s Artist of the Year for 2023. According to a report from, Swift established an unprecedented record for attracting the most listeners in a single year on Apple Music.

Morgan Wallen’s hit “Last Night” secured its position as the top song of 2023 on Apple Music Replay—the first country track to attain this status since “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X in 2019.

Furthermore, Morgan Wallen’s “One Thing at a Time” clinched the title of the top album of 2023, as per the global charts of Apple Music Replay.

Quantifying Time: The Year and the Day in Minutes

A question that may pique the curiosity of Apple Music users is the amount of time they dedicate to music throughout the year. To provide some perspective, a year holds 525,600 minutes, while a day encompasses 1,440 minutes.


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