Keir Starmer to Tour All Four UK Nations and Establish ‘Mission Delivery Boards’

Keir Starmer to Tour All Four UK Nations and Establish 'Mission Delivery Boards'

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The newly elected prime minister, Keir Starmer, has announced plans to visit all four nations of the UK, emphasizing his nationwide mandate following a landslide election victory.

Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, will first travel to Scotland, then to Northern Ireland, Wales, and back to England, aiming to strengthen working relationships.

In his first Downing Street news conference since assuming office, Starmer revealed plans to establish “mission delivery” boards. These boards will focus on delivering the party’s priorities, including economic growth, and he will personally chair them.

Speaking after his initial cabinet meeting, Starmer warned his team of the extensive work ahead, stressing they would be “judged on actions, not words.”

Starmer stated that his election win, ending 14 years of Conservative rule, gave Labour a “clear mandate to govern all four corners of the United Kingdom.” He plans to visit all four nations, starting tomorrow.

During his tour, Starmer will meet with first ministers and work on improving collaboration across the UK, recognizing the contributions of all four nations.

Starmer also discussed “mission delivery” at the cabinet meeting, outlining how they would implement the plans set out in their manifesto. He will chair the mission delivery boards to ensure they remain a priority.

He reminded the cabinet that they would be judged on actions, not words.

Starmer reiterated the Labour government’s commitment to economic growth, essential for investing in public services without increasing taxes or borrowing. He plans to meet elected regional mayors of all parties, believing they understand their communities best.

Starmer stated that he is not a tribal politician and is open to working with regional leaders regardless of their political affiliation.

He added, “This will be a politics and a government that is about delivery, about service.

When asked about the previous Conservative government’s plan to send small boat migrants to central Africa, Starmer dismissed it as “a gimmick.” He also addressed the issue of early prisoner release due to a lack of jail spaces, stating that it was a failure of the previous government and something they would work to fix.

Next week, Starmer will make his international debut at the NATO leaders’ summit in Washington DC.

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