Tips To Fix Google Maps Crashing On Android

Google Maps makes the wonders to those who go to places they have not visited before. The app helps connects individuals to the place they want to get to and brings them back.

However, in case you Google Maps experience is interrupted due to a crash, just when you need it the most, here are five things you can try out to get it up and running once again.

Update Google maps

This is probably the first thing you should do in case your Google Maps isn’t responding appropriately. 

Go to the Google Play Store, go to Apps & Notifications and search for Google Maps and see if it is showing that the app needs to be updated. If it does have an update pending, update the app and try restarting the app once done.

Force Stop

If your Google Maps isn’t responding, chances are that it might urgently need to be shut down and restarted again.

Go to Settings, and search for Google Maps. Enter the app menu and there you’ll see an option to Force Stop the app. Do that, and restart the app after a few seconds. It’ll take a few seconds longer to load up, but it should fix the problem.

If force stopping doesn’t work, go to the app settings menu as mentioned in the previous suggestion and look for storage. Here, you’ll find an option to ‘Clear Data’. Do that and try switching on the app again.

Restart Phone

The probability of an already existing app running in the background could cause the Maps app to not function properly. To fix this, simply restarting the phone will help it function again. 

Reset Google Play Services

Just like Google Maps, go to Google Play Services in the Settings menu and search for Google Play Services.

Once you find it, go to Storage and go ahead and tap on the ‘Clear all data’ button.

Apps can crash anytime once the phone is in used and with a lot of Apps running simultaneously. Here are few Google Maps tricks you can try and benefit and not just for directions purposes.

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