‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ to have a Global Debut of $300M

Universal is reporting that the first Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie will break the $100M mark at the North American box office by the time it finishes. While that would make it the biggest Marvel Studios film yet, it won’t beat the current champ, The Avengers 1.

It’s only fitting that Warner Bros. is giving us another film for the summer. It’s good to see that they have been able to generate $200M in their domestic market. And, they have another $150M overseas as well. This gives the company a worldwide debut of about $300M.

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi, who reinvigorated the franchise with a sense of color and grand comedy, thus catapulting its grosses to the highest they’ve ever seen. Thor: Ragnarok’s $122 million domestic opening, $315 million stateside final and $854 million global is back in Waititi’s director’s seat for Part 4.

The edge this time, as first teased at San Diego Comic Con 2019, is that Natalie Portman returns as lady Thor, and it’s confirmed her in costume, too! She’s got the big hammer, the cool cape, and those killer gloves.

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Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor and the God of Thunder (Thor: Ragnarok) is more or less a victory lap for director Waititi who achieved with the earlier Marvel movie, the often funny, rousing, and plainly refreshing Thor.

This delightful, witty sequel continues the tradition of excellence established by the original.

When Thor and Chris Hemsworth find out that an evil sorcerer is after their friends, they decide to travel back in time and visit the battle at Jotunheim.

“Going from dad bod to god bod” is how I described the transformation of Tom Hiddleston’s (Mjolnir) character in Thor: Endgame. Ragnarök, the Norse myth of the end of days, where Asgard would be destroyed and Valhalla would descend on Earth, was real.

Their leader, the charismatic King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), has helped them adjust to life on Earth, which includes being a tourist attraction.

With the assistance from the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor gets back in shape, and in a Guns N Roses accompanied moment, he unleashes stylized, high flying slaughter a la many scenes in Thor.

He has no one to share his victory with, so for all of the hundreds of years Thor has lived, he has resigned to not finding true love.

The film then reintroduces the previously less known character of Jane Foster, Thor’s past human love interest from the previous films, during his more serious days.

Now, the actress wields the restored pieces of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, transforming into the Mighty Thor with helmet and cape, but all with a cost.

The first time we see the character, she’s using her superpowers to help the humans after the death of her lover.

Thor: Love and Thunder re-imagines the character of Jane Foster.

In both her human and her heroic state, her performance conveys why it’s great to see Jane again.

Gorr is a tormented character who helps provide the shadow moments in the movie’s enormous light.

After the death of his daughter, Gorr is chosen by a sword called the Necrosword. He forms an army of shapeshifting black beasts to kill all gods, starting with the one who ignored his cries for help.

Christian Bale is fantastic in the role. In many ways, he makes the character seem almost human. He has a high voice that switches between low and higher depending on his mood. And he shows off his sharp teeth.

It’s the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Eddie Van Halen live and playing with David Lee Roth. But it’s also tied to the same humility that Eddie brings to his most human, humble characters.

If Thor wants to be in his own movie, he needs to act his age and give a performance that shows he’s got the chops to handle the material.

Waititi and Kaytin Robinson write Thor: Love and Thunder in a way that truly thrives.

A fight scene between Gorr the God Butcher and the Avengers in the middle of the night. Waititi’s normally stable vision for Thor action loses control.

In the movie “Thor”, Thor discovers that the Asgardians have been taken hostage by some scary, shadowy figures. Thor gets his hands on some cool weaponry and heads for Asgard to help out.

The sequence is so disjointed that a visual gag involving a collapsing burning building in the background timed for when Thor meets cute again with Jane as a hammer wielding, ass kicking, Mighty Thor just doesn’t work.

Jane, Thor, King Valkyrie, and Korg had to go to the home of the gods to find out how to stop Gorr, but they got there to discover that the gods are not afraid of anything and are quite happy about the plan Gorr has for the orgy.

Tessa Thompson as King Valkyrie. Image: marvel studio

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Another thing to be aware of with these headphones is that they have a relative: Korg MK III). It makes for one of the more eye-popping sets.

But it’s also a moment in which the movie is building toward future Thor stories at the detriment of this one, including a shrugging cameo seen in the post credits.

Though she is an important character for Thor Ragnarok, it is also a passage where it is clear that Tessa Thompson’s character of King Valkyrie, though important with the goings on of New Asgard, has oddly been pushed to the side.

In Thor. Love and Thunder, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fights alongside the Thunder God, Thor Odinson, to protect the Nine Realms. The Norse mythology inspired superhero film is a fresh spin on an old legend.

What’s funny is, there are a lot of places where the “safe” jokes fall, but if you’re willing to take your chances on a little bit of a riskier joke, you can find some solid laughs and build your career off of.

Thor: Love and Thunder is a big comedy sequel. It’s got good laughs and great performances throughout, but it also feels like the studio couldn’t quite commit to bringing a whole new Thor adventure to life in the same way it did in Thor (2011).

Thor: Love and Thunder is not quite as good as it was in 2011’s Thor, but it’s still an action-packed thrill ride. It’s like a mini movie about how love comes with the price of loss.

A Gorr is a terrifying creature that comes from beyond this world and is introduced in the most horrifying piece of bubble gum, ‘Ingmar Bergman’. It is a film by the Marvel Studios and is made by a guy who doesn’t believe in God.

Waititi uses this film to bring us the Jane and Thor romantic comedy its coziness and later its isolation as like a spin off of his own quirky indie Eagle vs Shark.

It’s very funny in some moments and brutal honesty comes up when the two then get to see if love can be saved in this present-day dwindling timeline.

The new Thor movie shows us why he’s so important to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As well as Jane, this is a movie for the ages.

The biggest takeaway from Thor: Love and Thunder, aside from the fact that Chris Hemsworth is so much cooler than any of us mere mortals, includes Waititi’s bold use of color visually and thematically.

While it’s not just the eye-popping hues, the visual effects in this film are so fantastic.

The film, directed by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), blends comedy with a good dose of action. It has a strong, confident, yet humanistic tone.

This is not the best film in this series, but it does remain interesting throughout. Waititi continues to explore themes of isolation and self-discovery and his trademark visual style never ceases to amaze.

On July 8th, the movie will be available in theaters.

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