The Urban Dictionary Trending Across the Internet

On Monday, Urban Dictionary began trending on Twitter as web surfers as well as social media users discovered they could look up their first names on the crowdsourced slang dictionary.

For decades, the crowdsourced digital library has chronicled slang and ubiquitous terms that spread through social media, and its user-submitted nature has seen some offensive moments too. It also provides definitions for people’s names, which Twitter and Instagram users are now posting across their profiles.

The Urban Dictionary was founded in 1999 by Aaron Peckham and it contains definitions of every word, event, or phrase that is popular across the internet. Although its original purpose was to explain slang words, its remit has greatly expanded over the course of 22 years, to the point where it now contains definitions on everything from video games to politics and now human names as well.

So for those who haven’t ventured to follow the trend, just go to and look up your own name, take a screenshot and post.

It is just funny how some names have specific definitions. And Urban Dictionary’s name definitions are pretty arbitrary, with sometimes oddly specific definitions and other times vague adjectives.

How to take part in the viral trend on instagram

Taking part in the trend is really easy. Just follow these steps…

  1. First, type your name alongside the words ‘Urban Dictionary’ into Google. For example, ‘Lucy Urban Dictionary’.
  2. Then, click on the first result and you will be shown the Urban Dictionary definition of your name.
  3. Screenshot the page so that the photo is saved to your camera roll.
  4. Now, open up Instagram and search for the user @techmuster_.
  5. Click on their first Story highlight bubble and find the one that says ‘show us your name in Urban Dictionary.
  6. Tap ‘Add Yours’ and the sticker will be copied to your story. Now upload the screenshot and post it to your Instagram Story.

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