The 2022 Winter Games to be Held in China

There are only a few weeks left until the Tokyo Summer Games, so it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear.

  1. The start of the 2022 Winter Olympics is set for Feb. 6,
  2. The opening ceremony is scheduled for Feb. 8 and the medal events will be held until Feb.

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From the closed-loop COVID management system to the purification of the internet, we’ve got you covered. And sports — we’ve got that, too — from Team Canada to new events to the biggest country swap of the Games.

To follow events, you’ll need a TV and a cable or satellite connection.

As the host of the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing will play host to the opening ceremony. With 13 hours of daylight on Saturday, February 5th, many Canadians will be watching the Winter Games live, but it won’t be easy to stay awake.

  1. Canada’s final medal could be at 1:25 a.m. Sunday, Feb.
  2. If the men’s hockey team wins the semifinal game against the U.S., it will play the Czech Republic in the gold medal game at 5 p.m. Saturday, Feb.

Beijing hosting Olympic Games

The 2022 Winter Olympic Games is less a coming out party than an authoritarian’s wet dream. The 2022 Winter Games are going to be much different from the 2008 Summer Games. The country has already been under a massive lockdown for months, and the next few years will see more and more restrictions being put in place.

Where the events are being held

The competitions for the various sports events will be held in Beijing. The “water cube” that was the venue for the swimming event in 2008, has been turned into the “ice cube” for curling. The “big air” event for freestyle skiers and snowboarders is being held on the site of a former steel mill.

The 2014 Winter Olympics and the 2015 World Cup will be held in Sochi, Russia. It’s called “little Moscow” because of its proximity to Russia’s capital city.

The Beijing Olympics is about more than just competition; it’s about showing the world the best of China. You’ll see the best athletes in the world competing in snowboarding, freestyle skiing, the nordic sports, and many other winter sports.

The Snow Effect

Not all snow is created equal. Snow making machines can create anywhere from a few hundred cubic meters to a few million cubic meters of snow. The more snow they make, the more the environment is affected.

The new Olympic events

New Olympic events include the sport of rhythmic gymnastics, the sport of synchronised swimming, the sport of beach volleyball, and a new version of the sport of canoeing.

In the world of women’s bobsled, there’s a new team that’s pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a female athlete. It’s called Monobob, and it’s a single athlete who pushes and drives alone. They’re trying to break into the big air skiing for men and women, which is a sport that debuted last year.

The official event is called the Olympic Winter Games Tokyo 2020 and will be held from July 24 to August 9, 2020. It will be the first time that both men and women compete in all of the four winter sports.

A closed loop

The Chinese government is planning to host the Olympics during a pandemic and is working to keep the Games open despite the highly contagious coronavirus. The entire population of Beijing will be confined to a small area while the games are held.

Athletes and Others attending the 2022 Olympics

Approximately 2,900 athletes from 90 countries will compete in 109 medal events across 15 sports.

There were no foreign fans or Chinese fans, and no NHL players, after the league pulled out of the Olympics. Officials said they will “invite groups of spectators” to be present who will “strictly abide” by COVID countermeasures.

No politicians and officials from Canada, the United States, Britain, and Australia, countries that boycotted the games.

The best hockey team in the world

The Canadian delegation consists of 215 athletes, making it the third largest winter games team and the most female athletes ever with 106 competing in women’s events and 109 in men’s events. The youngest athlete is 16-year-old snowboarder Brooke D’Hondt and the oldest is 47-year-old curler Jennifer Jones.

Internet Access

People in China are restricted from using the Internet. China’s cybersecurity regulator has been purifying the internet and creating a healthy, happy, and peaceful online environment. This is happening right before the Chinese Olympic Games.

While journalists from around the world are taking precautions to avoid the potential of state snooping and hacking, we should be careful about what kind of information we’re sharing online and what we post online.

The mascots

The Olympic mascot is Bing Dwen Dwen, a giant panda that wears a full-body shell of ice, which we’re told helps the panda skate, snowboard, and ski. Its counterpart is Shuey Rhon Rhon, a Chinese lantern.

The International Olympic Committee’s favourite sport

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