Some Google Maps Tricks You Can Try

Travelling and exploring new places is fun and asking people for the right path can be helpful but not always reliable. However getting help from Google Maps is awesome as it will guide and send you towards the right direction and on to your destination. Even if you miss a certain direction, the app will change its directions accordingly, making it easier and convenient to travel.

Google Maps Android app has several other features which either we are not aware of or are not taking full advantage of other than providing directions and finding places.

Automatically Organize and plan all your Travels

Google calendar is always reminding you about your flights and meeting schedules and its the same way you can get to know all about your trips via Maps.

To do this, open the app, click on the Saved tab at the bottom, and then scroll down and click on the Reservations button. There you will see your travel related plan, flights, restaurant reservations, etc. in an organized list.

Places frequently visited be pinned

You can always pin the places you frequently visit and access them quickly. While searching for a specific location on the Maps app, look for the Pinned option at the bottom of the screen after you have tapped the button to bring up directions.

From the main Maps screen, tap the Go tab at the bottom and then look at the app’s suggested places based on your recent activity. If you can see the trip you want, tap the pushpin icon alongside it to pin it.

Control music with Maps

Well you can control your music from the Maps interface. Yes you can, and Maps can add audio controls directly into the app so that you see your currently playing tunes and shuffle them too. For this you

Go to Maps’ settings, select “Navigation settings,” and then click on “Assistant default media provider.” From the available options shown, you choose one and whatever service you choose will show up within your navigation interface.

Share your location

Well its easy when someone is looking for your address but cannot locate the exact location. All you have to do to help them find you or simply give them an update where you are.

To do this, first click on the blue location dot and then select “Share location” from the menu that comes up. This will allow you give anyone a link to follow your location in real-time on a map for a specific period of time or until you turn the feature off.

Get specific restaurant suggestions

Instead of browsing to get restaurants nearby so you can visit, all you have to do is look for a specific restaurant using Maps.

Tap the “Restaurants” option at the top of the main Maps screen, and pick from the options displayed. You will have details like ratings, establishment’s hours, cuisine it serves, etc displayed. You can also, tap the little control icon in the upper-left corner of the restaurant search screen, and select whatever filters you want.

When you maps stopped working at any point in time just reboot the phone, and that should fix the issue you’ve been having with Google Maps. 

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