Photos of the Bidens’ visit with Jimmy, Rosalynn Carter

It was a closed-door visit between the current president, Biden and former president, Carter. 

When President Joe Biden and first Lady Jill Biden came to Georgia last week, they paid a visit to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter at their home in Plains.

The former president and the current have been friends for 45 years.

Biden on Thursday, visited Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, in tiny Plains, Georgia, where the 96-year-old former president and 93-year-old former first lady have lived for most of their lives.

The Carter Center shared a photo of the visit on social media late Monday.

After the image was shared late on Monday by the Carter Center, it was clearly observed that the Carters are tiny while the Bidens are giants? This however puzzled everyone and people couldn’t hide their reactions and questions like Was the image taken on the set of “The Hobbit?” Are our eyes merely playing tricks on us? and many more.

The meeting on Thursday brought together the oldest sitting president and the longest-lived former president in history. The two presidents didn’t appear together outside the Carters’ home. Biden was seen with Rosalynn Carter at the door as he departed. The former first lady stood alongside him supported by her walker.

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