Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum’ Finale to be Released April 13

If you haven’t yet seen the first eight episodes of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, you need to do it now.

Like Love Is Blind (and its predecessor, Love Is Blind) is a Netflix reality show.

At a certain point in your long lasting relationship, was there a point where you had to decide to make a commitment or move on and explore dating other people? That’s the main idea behind the reality dating series.

Six attractive young people get engaged. Some of them start cohabiting. Four of them find they love each other.

The couple got married, the honeymoon was wonderful, and they had an amazing baby!

And now here we are, in advance of the season finale and reunion, releasing on April 13, exhausted and exasperated but eager to break down the first eight episodes and try to game out what’s to come.

So in this new reality series, Vanessa and Nick Lachey explained that for each couple, there’ll be a chance to live with a contestant other than their original partner for a while. If they’re happy together, maybe the experience will lead them to think they want to stay together, but if not, maybe it’ll lead them to realize they need to go back to their original partner.

Alexis and Hunter

Hunter wants to live with Alexis first, but she won’t move in with him unless they’re engaged. She says she is getting less out of moving in because she will cook for you, clean for you, and do your laundry.

Hunter and Alexis in ‘The Ultimatum’

April and Jake

Jake having finished his military service, the young man wants to have lots of fun, and be financially stable before he gets married to April. But she wants to get married and have children right away.

Jake and April in ‘The Ultimatum’

Rae and Zay

Rae and Zay dated in college, and now that it has been two and a half years and she has graduated, Rae is wondering if marriage is the next step. “Isn’t that kinda how it goes?” she asks. “College, then proposal, then babies, then honeymoon in Cancun?

Zay and Rae in ‘The Ultimatum’

Lauren and Nate

This couple, Lauren and Nate disagree on the subject of children. This is because Nate wants to get married and have kids while Lauren doesn’t want kids. They both realize that they have to figure that out before getting married, but Nate is ready to get married and wants to get clarity now. “If Lauren’s not ready to marry me then I’m absolutely going to find someone that is,” he said.

Nate and Nate in ‘The Ultimatum’ Netflix

Shanique and Randall

Randall and Shanique in ‘The Ultimatum’

Shanique is ready for a ring to be put on her finger. However, Randall wants to wait on the proposal until they get their finances in order.

Madlyn and Colby

Colby, right from day one knew Madlyn was “the one” almost five years ago, the very moment she walked through the door of the college bar where he worked. And Madlyn “doesn’t really believe in there only being one person for everybody.”

Colby and Madlyn in ‘The Ultimatum’

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