Multiple People Shot at Virginia Memorial Day Weekend Party

A Memorial Day weekend block party turned bloody in Virginia Saturday night — when shots rang out, sending what officials said were “multiple” people to three local hospitals.

Officials early Sunday could not confirm how many people were shot or what their conditions were.

But eye-witnesses described a deadly fusillade of bullets.

“Man, I ducked my ass off,” one witness posted from the scene on Periscope.

“All I heard was shots fired, and people running towards me, man,” said the witness, broadcasting as “J. Fiesta, The Prophet.”

“Man, I just kept hearing gunshots, pop-pop-pop-pop-pop.”

Police had been monitoring the party at an apartment complex in the city of Chesapeake — due to traffic congestion at the scene, and an apparent dispute between pedestrians and drivers — when gunfire began just before 10 p.m., Senior Police Officer Leo Kosinski told The Post Saturday.

“Multiple victims have suffered gunshot wounds,” Kosinski said early Sunday.

“It is unknown at this time how many victims there are, and I don’t have information on their specific injuries,” he said.

“I know there were at least three [victims], because they were taken or fled to three local hospitals,” he added.

“There are no suspect or suspects at this time.”

The shooting happened near the sprawling, 320-unit Maplewood Apartments complex in the Holly Cove neighborhood.

Rumors, none of them confirmed, raged on Twitter about multiple fatalities.

“They say 20 shot and 7 dead out Holly Cove … wtf” tweeted @BEACHBOY-MILES.

Author: Laura Italiano

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