Minnesota Timberwolves Win NBA Draft Lottery

The Minnesota Timberwolves got the number one pick this time even though the NBA draft was delayed three months it was worth the wait

The lottery was conducted virtually because of the pandemic, with NBA officials doing the actual draw in Secaucus, New Jersey. The Timberwolves won the lottery Thursday night, giving them the No. 1 pick.

Golden State Warriors holds the No. 2 selection and Charlotte Hornets has the No. 3 choice while Chicago Bulls will pick fourth, with both teams bucking some odds to move into the upper echelon.

It will be Minnesota’s first time holding the No. 1 pick since 2015, when it took center Karl-Anthony Towns out of Kentucky.

Timberwolves team president Gersson Rosas said “we know with the No. 1 pick we have the opportunity to draft an impact player who could immediately complement our young, strong core.”

The Bulls moved up to the fourth from the seventh spot, where they’ve picked from the last three years. And their fans could not hold back celebrating for their new spot.

Below are the results from NBA Draft Lottery 2020 presented by State Farm:

2020 NBA Draft Lottery Results

1. Minnesota
2. Golden State
3. Charlotte
4. Chicago
5. Cleveland
6. Atlanta
7. Detroit
8. New York
9. Washington
10. Phoenix
11. San Antonio
12. Sacramento
13. New Orleans
14. Boston (from Memphis)

Below is the order for the remainder of the first round and the complete second round for NBA Draft 2020 presented by State Farm:
15.       Orlando
16.       Portland
17.       Minnesota (from Brooklyn via Atlanta)
18.       Dallas
19.       Brooklyn (from Philadelphia via LA Clippers)
20.       Miami
21.       Philadelphia (from Oklahoma City via Orlando and Philadelphia)
22.       Denver (from Houston)
23.       Utah
24.       Milwaukee (from Indiana)
25.       Oklahoma City (from Denver)
26.       Boston
27.       New York (from LA Clippers)
28.       Los Angeles Lakers
29.       Toronto
30.       Boston (from Milwaukee via Phoenix)

2020 Second Round Draft Choice Order

31.       Dallas (from Golden State)
32.       Charlotte (from Cleveland via LA Clippers and Orlando)
33.       Minnesota
34.       Philadelphia (from Atlanta)
35.       Sacramento (from Detroit via Phoenix)
36.       Philadelphia (from New York)
37.       Washington (from Chicago)
38.       New York (from Charlotte)
39.       New Orleans (from Washington via Milwaukee)
40.       Memphis (from Phoenix)
41.       San Antonio
42.       New Orleans
43.       Sacramento
44.       Chicago (from Memphis)
45.       Orlando
46.       Portland
47.       Boston (from Brooklyn via Charlotte, Orlando and Philadelphia)
48.       Golden State (from Dallas via Philadelphia)
49.       Philadelphia
50.       Atlanta (from Miami via Sacramento, Cleveland and Boston)
51.       Golden State (from Utah via Dallas, Detroit and Cleveland)
52.       Sacramento (from Houston)
53.       Oklahoma City
54.       Indiana
55.       Brooklyn (from Denver)
56.       Charlotte (from Boston)
57.       LA Clippers
58.       Philadelphia (from Los Angeles Lakers via Orlando)
59.       Toronto
60.       New Orleans (from Milwaukee)

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