Microsoft to Improve Microsoft Teams with a New Feature Tools

In current times and as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, the number of users who migrated to Microsoft Teams increased drastically for obvious reasons, hence the majority of organizations including corporate bodies adopted to allow their employees to work efficiently from the safety of their homes.

Given that so many people moved to Microsoft Teams lately, the desktop version of Microsoft Teams is missing the convenient functionality, as users aren’t provided with an option to reply to a specific message and quote it. So that why Microsoft is now working on improving and resolving it to make users more comfortable.

Microsoft Teams calls are about to get a whole lot bigger now that chats will soon accommodate up to 1,000 participants. Now, this would prove hugely useful to various organizations, especially businesses. Currently, 300 people can take part in a team call but that might not be enough for larger organizations that want to conduct virtual company-wide meetings. 

According to Microsoft, it has expanded Spotlight feature to more users, enabled support for live transcription capabilities with speaker attribution, and more.

The expansion to allow 1,000 participants have been added to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, with a release date scheduled for November.

Microsoft has also confirmed that it will enable support for ‘Whiteboard’ within the virtual breakout rooms. The Whiteboard feature will allow users to draw, write notes, and share ideas together on a digital canvas.

The roadmap application tool provides ‘a visual and interactive way’ to connect and do visible multiple projects simultaneously and show their status across the organization. It represents a cross-functional and a bigger picture of the work fromMicrocrosoft Project and Azure Boards.

The projects are mainly built as a project managing tool, that assists any project requirement. Further, it helps to collaborate with other users on the project irrespective of where the other user is or what device is being used.

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