Maisie Williams On Who Should Get The Iron Throne -And The Night King

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Describe the plot of Game of Thrones in one sentence.

Really, really exciting but also really confusing.

What’s your favourite memory from being on set?

Just working with Sophie [Turner]. She makes me laugh until I actually cannot breath. All the way through shooting, we’ve clung to each other, and our friendship has just gotten better and better as we’ve gotten older.

How has the role of the female characters in Game of Thrones evolved throughout the series?

Quite drastically. In the beginning, this was such a man’s game. Now it’s a big old catfight – particularly the final series.

What was your biggest challenge while filming?

When I was 12, I thought it was a great idea to play Arya left-handed because she favours that side in the books. Eight years later, and I’m still paying for that mistake. I had to keep it up for continuity. In the beginning, I just had to do a little sparring. Now, I’m doing entire fight sequences with the wrong hand, and I’m like, “Why did I ever think this was a good idea?”

Which classic Game of Thrones line gets quoted to you the most?

Either “winter is coming” or “stick him with the pointy end”. Sometimes people also ask me, “What’s your name?” and when I say Maisie Williams, they’re like, “No! A girl has no name.” It’s embarrassing.

Which qualities do you most admire in Arya Stark?

Just how fearless and outspoken she is. She always says what she means. I’ve tried to be the same way, but it’s kind of difficult in real life when people have emotions – and answer back.

Which crazy plot twist from Game of Thrones surprised you the most?

When Jon Snow died. Part of me always felt like he was going to come back though. That said, there are some things coming up in the final season that are pretty groundbreaking.

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What would your house sigil be in real life?

A tortoise – and the motto would be “Go Hard or Go Home” because their home is their shell which is also…hard.

If you could bring any Game of Thrones character back to life which one would you choose?

Ygritte because she was the hottest red head, and Rose [Leslie] is just so funny and a darling.

Which Game of Thrones character is most relatable?

Probably Cersei – which sounds kind of dark, but her answer to literally everything is just to open a bottle. That’s relatable!

Which Game of Thrones character is the sexiest?

The Night King. I mean, those cheekbones. Chiselled by the gods.

Which Game of Thrones character is the most underrated?

This character without a name who gets his head squashed by the Mountain for bragging about seeing Cersei naked during her Walk of Shame. No one remembers him. That’s the best possible way to do a cameo in a series.

If you could put anyone on the Iron Throne, who would you choose?

Sansa. She’s always really wanted it, even though it’s never been within reach. Plus, she’s a redhead.

If you had to sum up the experience of working on Game of Thrones in three words, what would they be?

Cold, memorable, and dragons.


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