Maggie Lindemann Refuses to Be a Third Wheel in New ‘Friends Go’ Video: Watch

There is no sensation more awkward than the feeling of being a third wheel. Whether it’s with a group of friends or with a couple, feeling as though you are merely tagging along with two people is the worst. Singer Maggie Lindemann clearly feels that way, since she spends most of her new video laying waste to the concept.

On Wednesday (May 29), Lindemann released a new video for her song “Friends Go,” which she packaged as its own short film, appropriately titled “Death by Third Wheel.” Throughout the clip, Lindemann drives down a dusty road in a pink convertible with a couple, who continue to ignore her as they make jokes, make out and cuddle with one another.

Eventually, Lindemann decides to take out her frustrations over the situation on the car, wrecking it over and over again throughout the video by crashing it, pushing it off a cliff and even setting it on fire. “They say that I’m crazy, they took you away/ Now I’m all by myself/ Where did all my friends go?” the singer croons as the convertible smolders in the background.

In an exclusive statement to Billboard, Lindemann says that she wanted to create a visual that accurately described the feeling of third wheeling, while also taking on a bigger visual undertaking than she had with past music videos. “I wanted to do something different,” she says. “I wanted cool visuals and a concept that kinda makes you think, and could have many different interpretations. This was definitely my favorite video to shoot ever.”

The video’s director, Van Alpert, added in a statement that he wanted the video to work not only as a fun romp, but as a metaphor. “I wanted the car to be a representation of Maggie’s heart,” he said. “The car crashing, bouncing and exploding in artistic ways gives you an overall feeling of excitement. When you lose your mind from being excluded from your friends or love, your heart goes through it, just like the car.”

Check out Maggie Lindemann’s new video for “Friends Go” below:

Author: Stephen Daw

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