Khaby Lame Currently the Most-Followed TikTok User

Khaby Lame, the world’s most followed TikTok star, is officially the most followed TikTok

Lame, 22, a comedian reached 142. 5 million followers Thursday night, dethroning North American influencer Charli D’Amelio, who had held the top spot since 2020.

Posting under the TikTok name @khaby. lame, Lame crept past D’Amelio’s 142. 2 million fans, after a months long follower war.

Who is the social media star? He grew up in Senegal, but he’s lived most of his life in Italy.

He joined the platform in March 2020 after losing his job.

Khabane Lame is his original name.

Lame gained popularity on the app with his humorous, yet wordless, videos which mostly consist of him silently mocking other Tik Tokers, especially those suggesting life hacks. And on his TikTok page, is written, If u wanna laugh u r in the right place.

In just two years on TikTok, Over Lame has rubbed shoulders with the great and good and attended glamorous events. He’s been sponsored by brands such as Hugo Boss, even despite his humble beginnings.

Lame poses for photographers at the premiere of the film ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ at the 75th international film festival, Cannes, southern France (2022).   Image:  Vianney Le Caer/2022 Invision

Most of Lame’s videos have millions of views, and the most popular one he has posted to TikTok has over 310 million views.

Lame is from Senegal in West Africa, born in the country, and now lives in the city of Chivasso, Italy.

The only thing that I would really like to do differently is that I could not afford to go to college as a teenager.

My family lived in public housing and I owe a lot to growing up there, because I have learned a lot from there and I hope I have also helped in some small way.

Boss X Khaby Lame

In 2020, Lame was working as a machine operator at a factory in Turin, northern Italy

During the pandemic, Lame was laid off.

He started making Tik Tok videos a way of fighting the boredom of being unemployed during the lockdown, Forbes said.

The pandemic had just started, and I was bored with a lot of time on my hands so I started making videos on TikTok, he said.

Lame began making videos in which he would mock ‘life hack videos made by other users, acting out simple ways to do what they made complicated, and topping it off with a wide eyed stare or a shrug.

I thought that the idea was good, and I started working on it, Lame told CNN last year, I came up with the idea because I saw these videos circulating, and I thought that this could be a good way to get as many people as possible.

And in his more recent videos, Lame has continued to stick to comedy but has broadened his methods by introducing both friends and costumes into his videos.

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