John Lewis Christmas Advert 2021 Launched

Christmas is just around the corner when the nights draw in, the festive films are on and the Christmas adverts start appearing on the TV.

The 2021 Christmas advert, which hits our screens around a fortnight earlier than usual.

The current festive campaign features a young boy introducing an alien being to Christmas traditions while she is lost on Earth.

Titled Unexpected Guest, the two-minute ad stars space traveller Skye crash-landing at the height of festivities in the woods near the home of 14-year-old boy, called Nathan.

John Lewis has given fans an early Christmas present in the form of an out-of-this-world guest with its Christmas ad by numbers.

This year’s ad is such a straight-down-the-line John Lewis Christmas advert. And judging by this year’s, you might also suggest that John Lewis has run out of ideas.

The boy, actually decides to visit the alien so he can teach her about Christmas. He shows her a light-up jumper. He feeds her mince pies. He teaches her how to hurl projectiles at unwitting strangers, which seems especially shortsighted.

The alien decides it’s time to return to her home planet. She kisses him on the cheek. Then she flies away, back to her laboratory so that she can weaponise the human DNA she extracted from him into a synthetic alien virus expressly designed to wage war on humanity.

And this Christmas ad featured a song by 20-year-old London singer and songwriter Lola Young. who started writing songs aged 11. 

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