Christmas Tree-Shaped Butter Is a Thing Now, Apparently


Well, guys, it’s happening: Christmas tree-shaped butter is actually trending, and we truly can’t believe it either. 

Thanks to Kellers Creamery (the company that brought you turkey-shaped butter), you can now buy a Christmas tree butter sculpture to serve this holiday season, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Sculpted from creamy, salted butter, this little tree weighs about four ounces. It equals about eight tablespoons of regular butter, so if you’re hosting Christmas dinner, it should be enough. Sure, regular butter may suffice for some, but for those Christmas fanatics who need everything (we mean everything) to be on theme, we guess this makes sense…

But before you go running to your local grocery store, there’s something you should know. These babies are only available at select retailers across the country. Don’t panic, there’s a store-locator for that.

Keller’s website doesn’t have a price for this new art/condiment, but we’re assuming it’s around the price of the Thanksgiving version ($3.99).

First turkey-shaped butter, now this? We’ve got decidedly mixed feelings about these so-called butter sculptures.

Author: Alexandra Hough

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