Cancer-Stricken Boy Whose Parents Stopped Chemo must Stay with Grandparents

A Florida judge ruled Monday that the cancer-stricken 4-year-old boy whose parents opted to treat him with marijuana-infused oil instead of chemotherapy must remain in the custody of his grandparents, according to a report.

The parents of Noah McAdams, who suffers from lymphoblastic leukemia, temporarily lost custody of their son in May after they skipped his scheduled chemotherapy treatment and fled to Kentucky.

Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball claimed their son suffered from adverse reactions to the chemo sessions, so they left the state and gave Noah a mix of CBD oils, fresh foods and clean alkaline water in a bid to help him.

The sudden move prompted child endangerment alert.

After the family was tracked down by authorities, a Hillsborough County judge ruled that Noah — who was diagnosed with cancer in April — would be handed over to his maternal grandparents.

On Monday, Hillsborough County circuit court judge Thomas Palermo in his ruling maintained that living arrangement, saying if Noah was given back his parents he’d face “substantial risk of imminent neglect,” according to NBC News.

Remaining with his grandparents “is the only way to ensure Noah’s health, safety and well-being,” Palermo said.

Judge Thomas Palermo is presiding over the case. ZUMA Press

The parents agreed to resume Noah’s chemo treatments, their lawyer Brooke Elvington told the outlet, but that didn’t stop Palermo’s ruling.

Palermo’s decision left Noah’s parents “devastated,” Elvington told the network.

“Noah belongs at home with his parents,” she said.

Author: Kenneth Garger

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