An Italian DJ Accused McGregor Connor of Breaking his Nose

Mixed Martial Arts star Conor McGregor in Rome.

McGregor was accused of punching DJ Francesco Facchinetti in the face and leaving him with a bloody lip and nose in front of his horrified wife.

McGregor has been in Italy with family and vacationing. He’s released photos out on the town in Rome and apparently has been doing a bit of partying as well. And and at one party, McGregor allegedly attacked Facchinetti.

The Italian DJ has claimed that the incident with the UFC star was unprovoked and unexpected after the two had enjoyed time together throughout the night.

The Police were called after the incident at the St Regis hotel in Rome. And “The Sun” reported that Italian Police confirmed they were called to the scene at 5.30am after an incident had taken place.

In an instagram post, Facchinetti accusing McGregor of punching him and said that he intends to sue the Irishman.

“At 2.30 this night I was attacked by Mr. McGregor,” Facchinetti said in the video. “The very famous McGregor, who punched me in the mouth, broke my nose in front of ten witnesses, his friends and his bodyguards. He attacked me without motivation as we talked for more than two hours and we also had fun together. I could have shut up and not say anything to anyone, but since I’m here to tell it, I must say that that person is really violent and dangerous,” he added.

DJ Francesco Facchinetti alleged Conor McGregor punched him
Facchinetti alleged Conor McGregor punched him. image: Instagram

Facchinetti’s wife, Wilma Helena Faissol on the otherhand, wrote what she witnessed on her Instagram Stories.

“Out of nowhere he threw a punch in the face of Francesco,” Faissol said. “(McGregor) was inviting us to another party. Francesco said, ‘OK, let’s go,’ and he hit him. Luckily, (Francesco) was very close so (McGregor) couldn’t load up (his punch). Francesco flew back, fell on the table, and then on the ground. The first thing that came to mind was, ‘Are we kidding? Is it a show?’

“Then I was paralyzed. I turned around and saw that his friends were holding him against the wall because he wanted to continue beating Francesco. Then they took him away. I turned on the light, and the guards turned them off. Francesco was bleeding. I wanted to help him, and the guards chased us away,” Faissol wrote.

McGregor once got into trouble for punching a man at The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin in August 2019.

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