‘Alexander Hamilton’ Author Roasts Trump at Correspondents’ Dinner

WASHINGTON – Author Ron Chernow headlined a more subdued White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday using his historical knowledge to go after President Trump.

Chernow, the author of “Alexander Hamilton” – the book that served as the basis for the musical – noted that assaulting the press wasn’t something that got one on Mount Rushmore.

“Because when you chip away from the press you chip away from its democracy,” he said.

He described Hamilton as “an immigrant who, thank God, arrived before the country was full,” joking that someone must have “slipped up at the southern border.”

Chernow peppered his speech with historical anecdotes. He spoke of President John F. Kennedy who replied, when asked how he became a World War II hero, that “they sank my boat.” “Remember modesty?” he commented.

“Our best presidents have handled the press with wit, grace, charm and humor,” Chernow said.

Author: Nikki Schwab

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