A New Google Doodle Honors Marsha P. Johnson

Google Logo

Google has unveiled a new logo illustration (“Google Doodle”) for Marsha P. Johnson,

As part of the pride month this year, google unveils a doodle to honor the pioneering LGBTQ rights activist and self-identified drag queen who was a dominant figure in original Gay Liberation Front and the Stonewall Riots.

The doodle, illustrated by Los Angeles-based guest artist Rob Gilliam showed Marsha in her colorful ensemble against a backdrop of the Pride colors.

Marsha Johnson was a member of the Gay Liberation foundation and co-founded the group Street Transvestite (today’s Transgender) Action Revolutionaries (S.T.A.R.) with Sylvia Rivera. Johnson was one of the prominent figures in the Stonewall uprising of 1969.

Throughout the 80s and early 90s, Johnson took on a leadership role in the community by actively participating as an organizer and marshal for ACT UP, the grassroots group working to end the AIDS pandemic.

And soon after the 1992 New York Pride Parade her body was discovered floating in the Hudson River.

Born Malcolm Michaels Jr. on 24 August 1945, in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In 1963 Johnson moved to New York City’s Greenwich Village after graduating high school. She legally changed her name to Marsha P. Johnson when the LGBTQ and people started growing.

Her middle initial ‘P’ stood for her response to those who questioned her gender – ‘Pay It No Mind

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